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BASIC Networks: WHMCS Domain Reseller  

Reselling Domains - Domain Registrations on Your Website
domain registration reseller plans for web hosts and startups

domain reselling: sell 78 TLDs and ccTLDs!

Reselling Domains       

Two domain reseller plans for web hosts and startups using eNom with any interface or utilizing WHMCS as admin and customer shopping card: Sell 78 generic and international TLDs and ccTLDs to your customers. Offer domain registrations to your hosting cutomers! There are no setup fees and no other hidden costs; we accept credit cards, PayPal, and Dwolla. Please find current pricing and all other details about our domain reseller plans below.

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Domain Registrations & Domain Reselling

BASIC Networks offers two domain name reseller plans for web hosts and startups: its own WHMCS Domain Reseller plan for those already utilizing WHMCS and eNom's Reseller program.


WHMCS: Reselling Domains through WHMCS
Offer domain registrations through your WHMCS install, prices start at $7.99

Our WHMCS Domain Reseller plan is aimed at companies and resellers already using WHMCS as their shopping card and admin interface. We presently offer 78 TLDs and ccTLDs for your customers, including many European ones like .de, .be, .at,, .fr, .ru, .рф, .es, and .dk. The program was designed with white label and reseller considerations in mind. Upon signup BASIC Networks will provide a WHMCS module to connect to our server. The minimum funding and re-funding amount is $25 (USD)—no setup fee, no monthly fees, no minimum purchase requirement, and no funding transaction fees.
> WHMCS Plan Info and Signup

eNom Plan:

eNom: Reselling Domains through eNom
Register your own domains, become a Domain Reseller

eNom ETPs (eNom Technology Partners) are allowed to offer free reseller accounts, so you can register domain names at low wholesale prices and even create domain reseller accounts yourself. This eNom account allows you to register over a hundred TLDs and ccTLDs. The minimum funding and re-funding fee for your account is $25 (of which eNom deducts 5% as a funding transaction fee for credit cards and PayPal), but there is no setup fee, no minimum purchase requirement, and there are no maintenance fees to keep your domain reseller status. We also offer eNom Domain Reseller plans in conjunction with our Reseller Hosting plans, so you will get even lower pricing (75 cents less per domain) on all domain registrations and renewals when subscribing to both.
> eNom Plan Info and Signup

Domain Registration
Register your own Domain, starting at $8.50

To register a new domain or transfer a domain from another registry, please go here or enter the domain name below:

» REGISTER a domain:

» TRANSFER a domain - click here!                                              

To manage registered domains (e.g. to update nameserver info or renew domain registrations), please login here:

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